Thanks to Paweł Urbanek and Michael




Thanks to matt




###UISearchBarExtensions: - Added trimmedText.






###CollectionExtensions: - Added forEachInParallel. Thanks to Siarhei Fiedartsou for contributing.

###TableViewExtensions: - Added reloadData(_ completion: () -> Void).

###CollectionViewExtensions: - Added reloadData(_ completion: () -> Void).

###UIButtonExtensions: - Refactored setForAllStates methods code. Thanks to Ronan Rodrigo Nunes

###Misc. - Fixed typos in README.









Fixed a bug in DateExtensinos where year was not set correctly. Thanks to songhailiang you for reporting this bug.




Thanks to Jonathan Bijos & zzjzz9266a for adding new extensions.


Added CollectionViewExtensions




This version adds more than 90 new extensions making it the widest extensions library available online for Swift 3 with more than 360 properties and methods for more than 35 type. This is the biggest update since library launch! we’re so excited 🤓

Here are some changes: - Updated some properties and methods names to follow Swift API Design Guidelines. - Added default values to methods parameters (where possible). - All units documentation has been re-written in xcode, - Now you see “SwifterSwift: “ at the beginning of description to know the source of the extension while writing your code. - All method parameters and return types has been documented in xcode as well. - All extensions documentation has been re-written in Wiki, separating properties from methods in different tables. - All extensions files re-organized in separate extensions based on type (properties, methods, initializers, ..) - Fixed some bugs where some extensions were not public. - New section explaining how to add new extensions in Contributing Guidelines - And finally: new logo


New Extensions:

Updated Extensions:


New Extensions:

Updated Extensions:

Removed Extensions:


UISearchBarExtensions: - textField: Return the text field inside search bar

UITextFieldExtensions: - setPlaceHolderTextColor(color): Change place holder text color - leftViewTintColor: Left view tint color - rightViewTintColor: Right view tint color

UINavigationItemExtensions: - replaceTitle(with image): Replace title with an image in naivgation item

UITabBarExtensions: - setColors(background, selectedBackground, item, selectedItem): Change UITabBar colors

UIImageExtensions: - filled(withColor): Return image filled with color - init(color, size): Create image from color and size

UITextViewExtensions: - scrollToBotom(): Scroll to the bottom of text view - scrollToTop(): Scroll to the top of text view

UISegmentedControlExtensions: - segmentTitles: Segments titles - segmentImages: Segments images

UISliderExtensions: - setValue(value, animated, duration, completion): Set slide bar value with completion handler

UIAlertControllerExtensions: - show(vibrate): Added optional vibration while presenting the alert

IntExtensions: - asLocaleCurrency: Return string with number and current locale currency

FloatExtensions: - asLocaleCurrency: Return string with number and current locale currency

DoubleExtensions: - asLocaleCurrency: Return string with number and current locale currency

StringExtensions: - Fixed a bug in toDouble, toFloat, toFloat32, toFloat64 where number is not calculated if not in english

DateExtensions: - adding(component, value): Return date by adding a component - nearestHourQuarter: Return nearest quarter to date - nearestHalfHour: Return nearest half hour to date - changing(component, value): Return date by changing a component - Fixed a bug in nearestFiveMinutes, nearestTenMinutes where date was always rounded always to next 5, 10 mins


UILabelExtensions: - requiredHeight: Return required height for a label

UIImageViewExtensions: - blur(withStyle: UIBlurEffectStyle): Make image view blurry - blurred(withStyle: UIBlurEffectStyle): Return a blurred version of an image view

UINavigationControllerExtensions: - makeTransparent(withTint: UIColor): Make navigation controller’s navigation bar transparent

UINavigationBarExtensions: - makeTransparent(withTint: UIColor): Make navigation controller’s navigation bar transparent

UITextFieldExtensions: - trimmedText: Return text with no spaces or new lines in beginning and end

UIViewExtensions: - addShadow(ofColor, radius, offset, opacity): /// Add shadow to view

UIImageExtensions: - filled(withColor): Return image filled with color

DateExtensions: - nearestFiveMinutes: Return nearest five minutes to date - nearestTenMinutes: Return nearest ten minutes to date

UIViewExtensions: - shake: Completion handler added to shake function